Tuesday, 9 April 2013

M-T Song of the Week - Laura Mvula - Green Garden

Welcome to the first Musical-Things blog post!

 In the spirit of all things musical, how better to start off the blog than with a trusty 'song of the week.' And this week’s song is a really corker – the toe tapping, hand clapping medley of Green Garden by Laura Mvula.

Now, I’m not usually one to follow the hype (to be honest, I would usually do the opposite until convinced otherwise) but in this case, I cannot deny that I am loving what Laura Mvula is doing! Though I’m not sure that I am completely convinced by all the comments I’ve read – I’m not entirely sold on the Nina Simone comparison – I totally respect the freshness and vibrance she brings to the British music industry, which is frankly getting a bit stale.

'Green Garden' manages to break through the mundane, humdrum of the British music scene in its eclectic mix of musical inspirations – gospel, pop, electro, dance etc. These elements are all fantastically crafted into a tune which is both catchy and current (but simultaneously timeless).

The catchiness is really in the rhythms, the onbeat/offbeat xylophone rift, unchanging throughout, provides the base which when decorated with the clapping, is practically impossible not to: click/stamp/headnod/clap/ or all of the above too. I could literally sit there and listen to this alone all day – the hypnotic quality is addictive. The multi-layered vocals, ooos, aaaahs, doooos and the likes, are just the icing on the cake and when the bass and drum kicks in, around the end of the first minute, it takes the previously acoustic vibe to an all new catchiness!

Mvula’s stuff is definitely current, it has the right mix of acoustic and electric, repetition and new material, creativity and tradition. All these things give it the ‘timeless’ factor and I guarantee that this song will still have you sticking it on repeat when your iPod shuffles across it in a few years time.

I would highly recommend that if you have not yet encountered Mvula than this is where you start. Check out the video to 'Green Garden' below, but be aware - it may lead to you loving the song even more! ENJOY!

 Laura Mvula’s album Sing to the Moon is out now. Check our her website for more info.

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