Monday, 6 May 2013

M-T Song of the Week - Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky

Happy Bank Holiday all and a special welcome to the Sun who has finally decided to join us in the UK! We have a smasher of a Song of the Week for you today, inspired by our big yellow special guest with Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams sending out their musical summer vibes with ‘Get Lucky’.

Now, there seems to be a trend occurring with our Songs of the Week with ‘Get Lucky’ being another toe tapper, head nodding tune that is sure to invade your music player this bank holiday. If you can listen to Niles Rodgers truly infectious disco guitar riff without a single bodily twitch then we commend you!

Centred on a simple four-chord progression that is repeated throughout, ‘Get Lucky’ avoids monotony by entrancing the senses. As the seamless melodic flow lulls the listener into a hypnotic summer dream, the listener cruises through various musical events and summer scenes.

The instrumental, which begins the song and reappears at intervals throughout, is really the foundation of the track. Its central elements being the guitar riff, bass, drum kit and low-key synths, set the casual laid back feel as the slow 4/4 beat is accented by the off-beat guitar strumming.

Pharrell’s featuring vocals, which are almost synonymous with summertime after his string of summer hits in the 00s, deposit a dose of cool to the track with his unique voice and falsetto transporting the listener along the journey to the party.

The party really starts towards the end of the track as we are treated to a brief fix of what Daft Punk are really about – electronics. Reminiscent of their Millennium hit ‘One More Time,’ DP’s digitally distorted vocals officially deliver us to destination dance, as they replace the riff with their signature sound of synths, auto tune and compression before bleeding back into a return to the former easy-going vibe.

Imagine sitting in the garden with a glass of Pimms and your sunnies on, or cruising through the streets of London with the windows down – this song is definitely your accompaniment. Make the most of the sun while it lasts and enjoy below!

Daft Punk's album Random Access Memories is out now! For more info check out their website

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