Monday, 20 May 2013

Mayor's Music Fund Sponsor a Scholar Campaign - Help share music with a child

Most of us have had the opportunity to learn an instrument at school. Not all of us were good at it, some of us didn’t even enjoy it, or didn’t get to play the instrument they really wanted to play. But to many, playing an instrument as a child was a time of pleasure and creativity, unmatched by rival activities or hobbies. For some of those who were good at it, it became more than child’s play; a job or career, a cherished hobby to hold on to through the dramas of life. 

Now imagine being given just a taster of playing, getting the buzz from learning your first few notes, starting to fall in love with creating something special – only for it to be taken away from you. Removed just when the fundamentals of musicianship are beginning to develop; as your talent begins to flourish.

This is the reality for many children in London whose socio-economic circumstances act as a barrier for their musical talent and whose musical potential regretfully lacks the financial backing needed to progress. This injustice, which is seemingly increasing due to cuts in government spending on arts, is not about to change, that is unless more of us who have been fortunate enough to be touched by music help.

The Mayor’s Music Fund are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough to sponsor the music tuition of just one child. If everyone who reads this gave just the price of a music lesson to their campaign, they would be one step closer to reaching their goal and giving that one child the invaluable gift of music. Why not give back some of the enjoyment you had from music to someone otherwise will be unable to? Music is said to be the greatest gift a person can give, so please give generously and share the campaign with everyone you know!

Other ways you can help:

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