Friday, 10 May 2013

New Music Friday! - The Koniac Net

Happy Friday!!!! As the weekend is upon us, we thought it only fair to take you into it with some fabulous new music!

Today we introduce to you The Koniac Net a great indie/alternative act hailing from Mumbai, India. Intrigued? Read on...


The debut album, One Last Monsoon, was written & performed entirely by songwriter David Abraham, and primarily recorded in his bedroom - an apt environment for an album that plays like a love letter to the Indie & Alternative genres, and the artists/bands that allow these genres to thrive.

The Koniac Net has been compared to artists such as the Stills, Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, Death Cab For Cutie, Matt Pond PA, Marcy Playground, and even Chris Isaac . The album not only pays tribute to the genres these artists represent, but at the same time breathes new life into the Indie genre. 'One Last Monsoon' is for all intent and purposes a mixed tape for the Indie & Alternative music fan.

Songs from the album have already gained airplay on over 80 radio stations across 27 countries. Upon receiving numerous requests to tour internationally, the Koniac Net transformed from a one-man-project to a 5-piece band in June of 2012.

What we think:

The Koniac Net have perfected good music with their faultless combination of amazing vocals, catchy (but not simplistic) rhythm and easy on the ear harmony. Listening through each track on the album, you cannot help but fall in love with front man David Abraham’s flawless voice as it completes every track with its hypnotic loveliness. The production is perfect with Abraham’s getting the mix between musicality and catchiness just right throughout.

We have to admit, there are no favourites when it comes to this album; each track has its own style, attraction and feel which makes it almost impossible to favour just one. But for a first listen, why not check out 'Maggie (A Song for Brad)', a fun little track which we definitely had on repeat.

This tracks it all about the beat. The rhythm throws you at times but not in a tricky way – the song’s playful nature is too inviting for you to be anything but entertained by it’s rhythmic games. As it seamlessly switches between a regular 4/4 feels and the slowed down jam-like 2/2, it all culminates in a fantastic guitar outro with Abraham’s subtle ‘na-na’s unobtrusively completing the full sound. Plus, what’s not to love about a 3 minute track where the last minute it almost completely instrumental?! Genius!

Check out their amazing video to another album "favourite," (we really cannot just pick one!) 'This Time Around'

Definitely one of our albums of the summer, One Last Monsoon is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon Music now!

What do you think of the Koniac Net? Let us know by commenting below!

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