Friday, 21 June 2013

New Music Friday! - Emmavie

We are really on a roll with the London artists this month! This week's NMF offering is a very talented singer/songwriter with a unique sound you will love. Your weekend begins now! Read on...


Emmavie is 22 year old female producer and songwriter from North West London. Creating a blend of Electro RnB, Hip Hop and Soul, she has formulated her own distinct sound. With a mix of musical influences such as The Neptunes, Erykah Badu, Dorian Concept and more, she has formulated a unique blend of Electronic infused R&B/Hip Hop/Soul music just for you...

Having clocked up a number of cameos as a vocalist and a producer on a number of UK and international artists records, Emmavie has recently released a brand new project entitled "L+VEHATER"; an RnB/Soul compilation produced, performed and edited completely by herself.

What we think.

Emmavie’s production is super slick with each sound and effect seamlessly blending in combinations that are nothing but pleasing to the ear. Where the real Emmavie comes out however, is in the manipulations of rhythms, which, in the midst of such smooth production, eagerly attracts the ear in its element of unexpectedness. This effect draws the listener deeper into Emmavie’s sound, making them cautious not to underestimate the sleekness they first perceived. It is really these exciting little pops of action add uniqueness and character to her sound.

One thing that does rival her production skills however, is her voice. Her London twang ever evident, Emmavie’s tone is as smooth as her production with her soulful vocal delivery working amazingly with her UK style diction. The harmonies are flawless and sound even better when she has a bit of fun with them like she does in ‘L+vehater/Fatal Attraction’. Digitally manipulating her vocals, taking it between extreme highs and lows, phasing it in and out of sampled vocals and experimenting with drastic stereo mixes all show Emmavie’s creative quirkiness when it comes to both vocal production and instrumental.

A standout track that demonstrates all of the above is, for us,  ‘Jealous Jealous Jealous.’ The realistic and frank lyrics are delivered in that quirky Emmavie way and are combined with her sweet ballooning harmonies displaying her vocal talents. She mixes the acoustic sounds of the piano and guitar with an electronic backing, blending it all together effortlessly in to an easygoing track. Ending it with a semi-surrealist outro adds a fresh take on the urban genres from which she draws inspiration.

It is truly refreshing and most importantly enjoyable listening to Emmavie’s L+VEHATER. The combination of not knowing what to expect coupled with the certified high standard of production means the listener is both secure and exposed to the musical experience Emmavie offers. ‘Jealous Jealous Jealous’ would make a perfect first single, we can already envisage playing it in the garden or park on a summer’s afternoon (if summer ever comes!) – it would easily be a hit on the radio! Like last weeks NMF feature Stardo Karle, Emmavie’s voice has that international appeal and we for one will be advocating her pending world domination!

So, to prepare you, check out L+VEHATER below and while your there, click the download button so that you can take Emmavie with you wherever you go…

You can find Emmavie on and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud. Are you loving Emmavie's sound as much as we are? Let us know by commenting below and don't forget to sign up for our e-newsletter here.

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