Friday, 28 June 2013

New Music Friday! - James Revels

What's better than the prospect of the weekend? New Music Friday taking you into the weekend of course! Our feature today hails from America and has a very special sound that we can't wait for you to hear - here's James Revels. Read on...


James Revels III, is a 19 year old composer and audio engineer from Dayton, Ohio. He started composing and mastering audio when he was 16 years old. Sine then, he has composed 6 complete instrumental releases (which are always at 'name your price', including $0, at Philosopher's Stone EP, one of the releases on his Bandcamp, is also available on iTunes, Google Play and is 5 star rated on Amazon. He has mastered 3 solo hip hop mixtapes and 1 EP released. He has also mastered 3 of the 4 releases of, Radikal Nation, a diverse hip hop collective that he is a co-founder of.

What we think.

At only 19, James may be young but he has a lot of talent and potential to do big things. His unique way of bending and manipulating sounds make his music totally intriguing to the ear as the listener tries to second-guess the music's direction and make sense of what they hear. He often does the unexpected, leaving the listener puzzled, waiting for something orderly to happen. This is what makes James's music so exciting to listen to - the unknown, spontaneous nature of his music is refreshing to the ear. 

His arrangements are complex but at the heart of it are quirky little melodies, often with oriental/Phrygian mode influences built into the harmony. The computer is James instrument with most, if not all, the sounds digitally created and mirrored in the spirit of James's compositions. 

In his newest composition 'Kaleidoscope,' James aurally captures a kaleidoscopic motion as he moves mystically through the different sounds. A combination of the disorientating stereo mix, harmonic repetition and constant movement, the piece embodies that feeling of fascinated tranquility that comes with peering into a kaleidoscope. The multilayered melodies are the individual patterns in the mirrored tunnel merging from one to another in the constant rotation, provided for the listener by the rhythm. It is so easy to get lost in the soundscape that James creates and, just as kaleidoscopes draw you into another world which is hard to escape, James's composition does the same. 

James ability to manipulate sound is amazing as he create interesting sound zones for listeners to engage in. His music definitely has a cross-genre feel to it; at its heart is electronic instrumental music but there are hints hip-hop, ambient and even pop mixed in to his creations. This is a new kind of instrumental music and one that we cannot get enough of!

We've got a little taster for you below but to hear more of James's creations check out his Bandcamp, YouTube and don't forget to like him on Facebook.

Are you drawn into James's compositional aural-sphere? Let us know by commenting below...

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