Friday, 14 June 2013

New Music Friday! - rumHoney

As resident Londoner, we are always extra excited when we come across talent in the vicinity. So for the second week running, we present to you a London act to start your weekend of in the best way – here’s rumHoney! Read on…


The music of rumHoney is a celebration of their roots. The sound is blues-based on the twin guitar attack of the great rock ‘n roll bands, such as Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and The Rolling Stones – the same bands they grew up listening to and treasuring as rumHoney younglings. After some years working together rumHoney have developed their own sound and direction and have financed and produced their own music with no external assistance or influence.

What we think.

rumHoney are an eclectic mixing pot of coolness. Not your ordinary rock band, rumHoney has a soulful vibe that is hard to ignore. The vocals have a fantastic texture with hints of multiple genres coming through in each song – think Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger with a dose of blues, soul and country. The lead singer is clearly gifted in his versatility, applying just the right tone and feelings to each of the songs on their album East to West.

 Instrumentally, rumHoney are totally reflective of their name. Sweet and smooth, like honey with rich natural harmonies and melodies, with a kick of accentuated rhythms in the percussion, guitars and bass – like a dose of a good shot of rum. Their sound is organic and natural (the rumHoney allusion is impossible to escape), void of digital manipulation and capturing all of the best aspects of live, recorded music. The stereo mix is just right, with the instrumental taking just a slight priority over the vocals but not in an overpowering way. This effect merely showcases each riff and lick for its own value, with the voice happy to blend in without getting lost in the sounds.

 ‘All Over You’ captures this dynamic perfectly, as the guitars and bass take the lead with its addictive melodies. The ascending chromatic 3-note lick played in harmony by the guitar and bass, adds an extra element of cool to this bluesy track. With the low-key percussion, this track is definitely about the guitar/bass relationship and as the guitar solo comes in half way through (and hints of country guitar come and go), it is hard not to find yourself drawn into the aural atmosphere.

rumHoney may hail from London but they are so much bigger than the city. In fact, you could easily mistake them for being from the US, down south where there is no shortage of strong music genres making up their aural heritage. But this is what makes rumHoney so unique. By effortlessly bringing this eclectic vibe to the UK music scene, rumHoney are doing their own thing, going against the grain and bringing good music back with a vengeance. We love it!

Let us now transport you into the rumHoney world with a little taster (excuse the pun!) of their music. Here’s ‘She so fine’. Enjoy!

If you like rumHoney and much as we do, check them out on their website and at Don't forget to share your thoughts on their music below!


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  2. Nice performance! I really like their style. It is so perfect.


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