Friday, 7 June 2013

New Music Friday! - Stardo Karle

The weather is great, it's the end of the week and better yet it's New Music Friday! This week's treat is courtesy of the sassy Stardo Karle. Read on...


Stardo Karle is a UK recording artist establishing herself in the music industry. Over the years, she has researched and been inspired by the evolution of music types from the 1950s to the present day.

Stardo has been singing professionally since the age of 18 and now with her education complete and colourful, she is set to make her mark in the UK and worldwide. Her eclectic urban and Indie style infused with Reggae, Funk, and acoustic soul has made her a trendy chef of the genre, sound and style.
As a young girl, Stardo described church as a concert she attended every week, and wanted to be up there singing and performing too. Her desire was shared with three other talented girls in her Sunday school, and at the age of 13 she was in a girl group called Four Seasons. Stardo represented the summer season because of her birth date, loud sound and vibrant style. Her father’s disco and funk jazz collection has and will always be a great inspiration. From a young age, she was exposed to the sounds and performance energies of James Brown, George Benson, Mary Jane girls, and Soulive. These artists are of a few that have influenced Stardo's musical niche.

Stardo is always experimenting with her sound and could never be filtered into one genre. She aspires to make a landmark in the music industry by pioneering a genre found through an eclectic mix of research, creativity and soul searching. She has been seen an scoped by many press and social media such as FLAVA TV, Live Magazine, The National Youth Theatre, SoundClick, Spiff TV, UK Unsigned, NBT Media, NotSignedTV and many more.

What we think.

With her versatile voice and cool vibes, Stardo Karle is definitely one to watch. 'Monsters' has a very different vibe to a lot of music currently coming out of the UK urban scene; is not regressing to Old School Garage/Grime like a lot of tracks and it hasn't jumped on the Dance music bandwagon either. Stardo is operating on her own agenda, experimenting with genres and styles against the grain of what is popular at present and it is working in her favour by differentiating her from the sea of urban female vocalists who are currently on the scene.

Stardo Karle's vocals are, however, what really makes this a hit. With her versatile tones and sparky lyric delivery, the listener is easily convinced to 'jump on the beat it's live'. Although there are definitely undertones of the US present in the music production, Stardo's vocals and delivery have that distinctly British quality, distinguishing her from her counterparts across the pond. The contemporary hip hop beat complements the track keeping it current despite its old school allusions in the form of the accompanying synths. The held chords take us back to early 90s R&B with tracks like Jade's 'Don't Walk Away' and Dru Hill 'Somebody's Sleeping in my Bed' instantly coming to mind. This track mirrors the smoothness associated with that era with a funkiness which makes this song perfect for any party.

'Monsters' is just one of Stardo's fabulous creations in her unique style. 'Lily' is a must for listening if you are looking for something fresh and funky to tantalise your aural taste buds, 'Congratulations' is another, and there several other notable tracks for your listening pleasure to check out on her YouTube page. But let's start where we began by having a listen of the unavoidably catchy 'Monsters'

You can download 'Monsters' for free here or by visiting Stardo Karle's SoundCloud page. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter and Facebook for updates on new music and performances. 

We are loving Stardo Karle but what do you think? Will you be playing this at your next summer BBQ? Let us know in the box below!

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