Friday, 26 July 2013

Festival Tickets - Are You Really Getting Value For Money?

At Musical-Things, we love to get your brains ticking by sharing stimulating articles with you on all sorts of musical topics. So this Friday, in lieu of our usual New Music Friday post, we wanted to share with you an intriguing study by Mike from NerdWallet that will get you wondering whether those tickets you managed to nab for the hottest summer festivals were value for money or simply more money that they were worth. Read on...

Study: Dance Fans save $310.93 on a ticket to Lollapalooza

The big American music festivals set you back as much as $200, $300 or sometimes even $400. Is that a fair price?

In a recent article, NerdWallet answered that question for dance-music fans. If you’re into artists like Major Lazer, Azealia Banks, Hot Chip and more, are you getting you’re money’s worth?
For some festivals, the answer is yes, especially at Lollapalooza, where electronica fans get a $545.93 value – $310.93 more than what you pay for a three-day pass.

For more detail on NerdWallet’s analysis, check out the full study on their website.

What we think.

The fact that all the featured festivals are US-based does not rule out the same being the case for those taking place in UK. So next time, before you join that never-ending digital queue for the latest festival tickets, why not do a bit of research and see if it is really as good a deal as it seems...

Do you think that you are getting your money's worth when purchasing festival tickets? Share your experiences and let us know by commenting below.

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