Friday, 31 January 2014

A little Friday love from Musical-Things

Happy Friday and end of January all! We love all things musical here at M-T so we just had to share something with with you today that totally made us smile! Amazing artist/designed Javier Pérez has integrated ordinary everyday items into works of art in a series of quirky images called Instagram Experiments. From paper clips to Oreo cookies, Pérez stretches the imagination while showing how visual parallels appear between all sorts of unlikely objects. We've chosen our music-inspired favourites for you below...

Check out Perez's instagram cintascotch for lots more pics and if you have any ideas for new images let us know by commenting below!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

No place we'd "Rather Be" - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne...


We’ve been away for a little while now but we are back with a vengeance! And how better to announce our return than with a review of a hot track that we cannot get enough of? Read on…

Clean Bandit – 'Rather Be' featuring Jess Glynne

Described as being "electronic chamber music" by Freya Berry, Cambridge Univeristy alumni Clean Bandit appear to be an unusual House offering on the surface. Combining strong string writing, which could easily stand alone, with rhythmic electro-acoustic beats, this musical idea powers through their music.

It is definitely the acoustic against electronic mix that really has us addicted to this track. It slick but simultaneously disjointed combination totally attracts the ear to each sound as the acoustic elements confidently stand out against the smooth electronic production. The powerful rift travels and evolves through the instrumentation, starting on strings, moving to a synth sound and amping up the chorus on the piano. With it’s different harmonisation in each force, the riff constantly transforms becoming more enchanting (and not to forget more addictive) in its evolving forms.

Glynne’s vocals unite the whole medley containing the same juxtaposition within it, as it simultaneously embodies several genres. With a slightly folky sound to it, Glynne’s soulful delivery effortlessly captures the listener and with it’s slight airiness, further immersing us in this rich hotpot of musical texture. 

There’s definitely no place we’d “Rather Be” than listening to this track on full blast! Both Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne were new to us at M-T so we’ll definitely be listening out for what they are up to next. We’ll make sure to keep you updated!

Listen below, get it here and don't forget to drop us a comment with your thoughts...