Friday, 28 February 2014

Something to lighten up your day - The Light Princess

Happy Friday from Team M-T! To mark the end of a an amazingly hectic month, we wanted to share with you one of our favourite moments from February. Read on...

The Light Princess - National Theatre

On a sunny Sunday afternoon at the beginning of February, we took a trip down to the National Theatre on the Southbank to catch the matinee performance of The Light Princess. Avoiding the reviews (which were a pretty mixed bag) and with an open mind, we were armed only with the knowledge that the music was composed by the multi-award winning Tori Amos. Intrigued, we settled down to a fantastical Romeo and Juliet-like fairy-tale set in the lands of Lagobel and Sealand. We won't bore you with details of the story (we're all about the music plus Wikipedia has done that for us!) but we will say that it's modern twists did make us chuckle.

Now, to the music! The mix of folky, popular and traditional musical theatre soundtrack was definitely pleasing (actually, perhaps more than the actual story!). It definitely had an Amos vibe to it and we loved how it took a darker and rougher turn in the second half where the voices get a bit grougher, the runs get more diva-ish and musically things just get a bit more interesting. The ensemble was full of energy getting the up-tempo folky bits right as well as the more traditional musical theatre moments. There was some impressive voices both in the ensemble and in the main cast with some pretty radical falsetto moments by Prince Digby (played by Nick Hendrix) and belty growls from the feisty Piper, the Princess's assistant  (Amy Booth-Steel). The tone of our leading lady Rosalie Craig was (pardon the pun) literally a breath of fresh air as she soared through it effortlessly belting out song after song suspended above the stage. Upside down, being thrusted around, nothing phased Craig as she perfectly delivered her songs despite the obvious physical distractions.

We loved the unusually and at time awkward (for he singers) intervals in the melodies. We loved the freshness of the orchestral accompaniment, we adored the humour (super funny at points) and the staging stimulated our senses. The Light Princess gets a thumbs up from us! Let's hope that it either tours or returns so that more people can be lighten by the joy that is the Light Princess! But in the meantime, why not listen to some of the songs from the show below and don't forget to let us know what you think...

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