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App that gives you feedback on your playing

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “friendly discerning ear” when you practice scales at home? Wouldn’t it be great to have something to show how your scales are improving? Wouldn’t it be great to have something to tell you which scales you needed to practise?

ScaleHelper is just that. This App listens to your playing and gives you real feedback about your playing. This is more than just a practice diary, it really gives you measured information about the pitch and rhythm of your playing – note by note – and builds a history of scores for each scale or arpeggio you play.

ScaleHelper can choose what you practice using ‘Challenge me’. Based on your scores, ScaleHelper will focus on the scales and arpeggios that need improvement (your lowest scores), but not exclusively: to keep all scales practised, ‘Challenge me’ will intersperse your more tricky scales with some you find easier.

For details of ScaleHelper and other music education Apps from Spectral Efficiency click here.

New "Flight of the Bumble Bee" App Takes Kids on a Soaring Musical Adventure!

“The Flight of the Bumble Bee,” one of the iTunes App store’s latest kid-friendly apps, allows children to experience an unforgettable piece of classical music as an exciting adventure, complete with animated story and interactive cartoon visuals. This interactive app turns Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous composition “The Flight of the Bumble Bee,” one of the world’s greatest classical scores, into pure fun! As kids follow the notes and the imaginative, narrated tale of an impatient bee, they are able to make the app’s brilliantly illustrated characters come alive by tapping or touching the screen of their iPad.

With its combination of superb music—performed by some of America’s finest musicians and recorded by an 11-time Grammy winning producer—and entertaining video designed to fit perfectly with the musical twists and turns, the new app is already earning raves from children, educators, and parents alike.

Experts in child growth and development agree that nurturing an appreciation and understanding of the “language of music” helps children flourish, intellectually and emotionally. Children may view this app as an entertaining game—but parents and educators will know that they’re also benefiting from the brain stimulation that classical music provides to growing minds. 

The app is currently available in the iTunes store for the iPad only and can be downloaded for £1.49.

Great new piano tutor series OUT NOW!

'Playing Piano Is Fun' is a keyboard tutor series for beginners. It is designed to meet the developmental needs of children as they journey through the wonderful world of music. The tunes are specially composed by Alice Chua, and are based on the characters and subjects from the classic stories of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. 

'Playing Piano Is Fun' is a novel approach developed through the author’s practical experience derived from teacher-pupil interaction. The large music font size captures the students’ attention and helps them to focus. Meanwhile, pages are left intentionally without pictures to encourage students to further express their creativity by providing illustrations for the songs themselves. New elements are introduced incrementally and are incorporated progressively. Teacher’s accompaniment is encouraged to enhance the musical experience, thus inspiring and motivating students. In addition to playing piano, this series’ unique approach includes listening, singing, transposing, harmonising, improvising and composing at an early stage.

Get books 1 - 4 on Amazon now!

Hate practicing scales and arpeggios? Check out this fantastic app!

ScaleBox app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

A simple, fun and effective app for improving scale and arpeggio practice and preparing for ABRSM grade exams 1-5.  ScaleBox is easily integrated into instrumental practice routines and music lessons. Widely tested and endorsed by teachers, ScaleBox makes scale and arpeggio practice more productive for everyone, offering an innovative way to prepare for practical music exams across 11 of the most popular instruments.  ScaleBox tests all the requirements for the grade in a systematic way, remembering the tests a student finds difficult and adjusting future practice sessions accordingly. As tests are mastered they recur less frequently so practice is concentrated where it’s most needed. The app also includes a mock exam mode.
It is available worldwide on the Apple App Store to download - price £1.99 (and accordingly in other regions).  Special pricing is available for educational institutions. 

Please visit for more ScaleBox information including the user guide, screenshots and tips.

'Fantastic Fun!' New Music Production Course!

Symmetric Cycles by Bob Crawford - new tools for advanced improvisation and composition, for all instruments

‘Symmetric Cycles’, inspired by the work of John Coltrane and Pat Martino, offers new ways of stretching the melodic and harmonic boundaries of Modal Jazz, Blues, Pentatonic Rock, Latin (Montunos, etc.) Reggae, World Music, etc., creating sound colors that will open your ears in ways you may not have experienced before. It also is extremely useful compositionally -- connecting chords in very unique ways, adding emotional sound colors to original musical works. As a teaching tool, I believe it to be very valuable for advanced students as well as seasoned players. You can preview several pages of the book on the websiteby clicking on the “Look Inside” tab.  
For more on Bob Crawford visit
‘Symmetric Cycles’ is available to purchase at Jamey Aebersold’s Jazzbooks site.


Have a Sync, the new aggregator for music licensing.

Have a Sync srl publishes the new release of its web-based platform for music licensing and at the same time launches new services. As of today record labels and music publishers will be able to access more tools so that they can add their catalogue to the portal and broaden their sync licensing market.

Dedicated to finding music for audiovisual projects and marketing the rights to use this music, the platform is the first content aggregator for music licensing. In this new role, Have a Sync aims to act as a link between the demands of those looking for tracks to synchronize (music supervisors, directors, documentary makers, authors and advertisers) and the demands of those who own a music catalogue. Have a Sync aims to revolutionise licensing by providing innovative tools for those who work in music consulting and those who are interested in music placement opportunities.

The portal allows you to quickly find the most suitable track for all your video productions using a special search system based on categorisation through qualitative parameters (genre, mood, style, and instrumentation). Sync licenses can be purchased online or by phone.

Anybody who publishes a catalogue on has access to a title management panel, which you can use to give each track a price, decide the licensing conditions and monitor in real time the sync licenses sold. The Have a Sync team categorise tracks according to the criteria used so that they are easier to find.

Have a Sync’s musical archive is different from that of music licensing libraries as it does not include production music, but only very high quality tracks, endorsed by internationally renowned artists. The platform database already includes songs by Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Keith Emerson, Armando Trovajoli, Goblin, Brian Eno, Nino Rota, Piero Umiliani, Eugenio Bennato, Tony Esposito, Giorgio Gaslini, Evan Lurie, Andrea Guerra, C.A. Bixio, and Pino Donaggio.

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Production music for advertising, film, tv, games, and artist
Digital Theory Productions is based in Dallas, Texas. We are musicians/producers of all musical genres. Digital Theory consistently creates commercial and popular music with an undeniably polished professional sound. 
We have an unmatched ability to compose a musical work that sets the tone in film, television or advertisements. Our material is in a format for artist opportunities as well. We are Pro Tools advocates and we all hold a P.T. certification. Digital Theory Productions has 27 different publishers and international placements.

Services we provide: compose, perform, record, produce, mix, edit and master

Visit our soundcloud for examples of what digital theory productions
 can do:

For more information on our services, visit contact

Custom music production services.

My name is Elhad Piesczek-Ali, I'm a composer, arranger, music producer and art director at PiartZ. PiartZ is a media production agency for music composition, sound design and music production. 

We produce original music for custom jingles, for commercials, tv and film score and interactive media, created on demand.

At PiartZ, music, other than being something to listen to, is an emotion, a concept. It is our job to use all means at our disposal (scores, arrangement, production) to get that intended emotion or reaction through to the listener.

My team and I have written highly successful scores, jingles and created sound design pieces for artists, companies and music labels, both large and small. PiartZ, strives to offer a high level of creativity and personalized service.

Explore our website, listen to some of our creations and then find out even more by calling us and consulting us personally about your project.

Elhad Piesczek-Ali


Shantel Hobson – Singer, writer and collaborator.

Upcoming international recording artist, aspiring actress, aspiring full figure model, entrepreneur & more launches pwrhousz, a foundation to help rebuild global communities giving back with music by lending downloaded free music releases. She is already supporting charities & giving monies donated through her music talents, voice, and prayers for Obama’s hope/change campaigns

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Seeking music licensing/placement opportunities

Bob Crawford, 30-year veteran songwriter, producer, guitarist, vocalist, and arranger is seeking music licensing/placement opportunities for recording artists, underscoring in film, TV, product placement, ringtones, video games, etc. 

Having been in the music industry for quite some time he has worked with such varied artists as Larry Harlow, Jocelyn Brown, Mick Taylor, Maxine Brown, Dennis Williams (O’Jays, Temptations), Ron Richardson, Carl Hall, Aztec 2 Step, Beverly Crosby, Loretta Devine, and Vondie Curtis-Hall in genres such as Pop, R&B, Rock, Contemporary Crossover Jazz, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, and Folk idioms.

Here are links to some music in specific genres (mp3 128kbps format) for your consideration for licensing/placement opportunities.
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Original artword for original music...

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Rachel Silver Singer Songwriter Vocal & Guitar Coach

New Song Writing Service

Make That Tune by Rachel Silver.

Do you struggle to find a friend or loved one a unique present. Why not order them a special original song that can be performed at a party or/and recorded as a special keepsake. Service starts with consultation and payment of deposit, arrangements made to perform and/or record your unique song.

Rachael Silver can also provide up to a couple of hours lively entertainment with her cover version sets, depending on the age group of the audience. Please inbox for further details

Rachael's album, Songs From A Sofa is available to buy here. For more information, visit

Music available for Film & T.V.

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Extreme Dream

Come over and give Extreme Dream a listen. If you like Tranquil/Healing/Heartfelt and Lyrical/ Pop, Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary, Singer/Songwriter, Soft/Rock and Classic/Rock. There is something here that your Ears would like. 50% of sales go to the charity Camp Southern Ground.

For more information or to download the album see

New Music: The Yikes

L'immagine del suono - Contest for Videomakers
Create a short movie taking inspiration from the greatest movie soundtracks ever. Choose a track amongst the ones available, all by the greatest composers. You can choose the genre and the technique that you prefer, the important is that music inspires your images. The author of the best short movie will win 3000 euros as a contribution towards the production of a promotional video for Save The Children. 

See below for an example.

To for more information and to enter visit

Bob Crawford: Contemporary Jazz Crossover Instrumentals Vol. 1 & 2

Crossover Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk tunes. All music written and produced by Bob Crawford.

Buy Volume 1 here

More Jazz--Uptempo Jazz Crossover, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk tunes. All music written and produced by Bob Crawford.

Buy Volume 2 here.

New Music: Esquille 'HEYO'

Swedish EDM artist and producer Esquille kicked off his come back with a bang in his last release “I Take U Higher“. Now he’s released his follow up single “Heyo”. This track is immediately climbing to the top of the charts, and receiving some amazing feedback from record pools worldwide. He’s been compared to the likes of Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. Read on...

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